Wheel & Tire Combo Deals for Stock Golf Carts

Stock Golf Cart Tire and Wheel Packages – designed for golf carts that have not been lifted or modified. When adding or using a rear golf cart seat kit it is always recommended to add heavy duty rear leaf springs to avoid tire rub with 12″ or larger rim sizes.

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Pete's Range of Stock Golf Carts

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Additional Information

What does Pete mean by “stock golf cart”?

When he calls a golf cart “stock” Pete means it has not been customized, but specifically here he is talking about golf carts which do not have lifted suspension, as this dictates the types and sizes of wheels which will fit your cart.

If you aren’t sure if your cart has been lifted or not, compare it to a picture of the standard cart. If it rides at a similar height, it likely is “stock”. If you can’t tell, contact Pete.

Looking for Lifted Cart Wheels?

If your cart has been lifted, we’ve got a dedicated section for lifted cart wheels and tires, here.

Not sure what wheels and tires are best?

If you’re not sure about anything, contact Pete.