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How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

All Club Car golf carts newer than 1995 have an OBC or ” On Board Computer ” in the charge circuit to monitor and control several functions on the golf cart. The tutorial below explains a little about the OBC, how to reset it after charging problems, and what to do if its completely failed.

The OBC functions like the on off switch on your wall to control the lighting. But in this case it controls the charging and drive system.

Club Car charging problems?

If the OBC detects a problem in either the charging or drive system, it will shut that feature off.

What should happen next!

When the fault clears, the OBC is supposed to turn that system back on.

What if the fault is not cleared?

Sometimes, the OBC does not clear the fault. When this happens, it can cause your charge circuit to not work and allow the charger to charge the batteries, or even the controller to not power up or the solenoid will not engage.

Club Car On Board Computer

How to reset your Club Car’s OBC after a fault

The reset process is easy to do, but can take a fair amount of time.

Resetting the OBC

To reset the OBC the following must be done in this order:

  • Key Switch to Off
  • Forward/Reverse to Neutral
  • Tow/Run Switch to Tow
  • Disconnect the Battery NEGATIVE (–) wire from the Battery Minus terminal on the battery pack.
  • Put the Tow/Run to Run
  • Forward/Reverse Switch to Reverse
  • Key Switch to On
  • Lock the throttle pedal down

To reconnect the OBC back into the system:

  • Key Switch to Off
  • Forward/Reverse Switch to Neutral
  • Tow/Run switch to Tow
  • Reconnect the negative battery wire to the battery minus terminal on the battery pack.

What next?

Once the OBC has been reset, you can move on to troubleshooting the golf cart and charging system.

Has it completely failed?

There is always a chance the OBC has completely failed and the reset process will not fix the problem. Consult your Club Car manuals or call your local dealer.

Purchase a replacement OBC or new charger

Want to purchase a replacement OBC but do not want to pay dealer prices? Shop now

Or would you rather bypass the OBC and get another charger? Find a new Club Car golf cart battery charger  and get the OBC bypass kit now.

107 thoughts on “How To Reset The OBC On My Club Car Golf Cart

  1. After I disconnected the battery negative hw can the reverse buzzer sound since the circuit is broken?

    1. We’re not sure exactly what you mean by this. Would you mind elaborating?

    2. 1986 club car ran sporadically, lurched forward with minimal foot feed. Very sporadic in reverse. Sometimes working the foit feed produced movement other times nothing. Today after full charge, no movement forward or reverse. I hear clicking from solenoids but no movement.

      1. Sounds like your controller is bad

    3. I have the same question

  2. my cart runs great and it charges, The problem the charger goes down to 6 amps and stays forhours.
    all the batteries are new and a new computer was installed same problem. Reprogramed the computer no effect.
    What could be the problem,
    By the way tried another charger same brand and same problem.
    Im told if i kept the charger on it could ruin my new batteries

    1. Jerome – Thanks for your question. Now at a glance it sounds like all is operating as designed. How long does it take to fully charge the batteries in a golf cart is a loaded question in itself. All depends on output of the golf cart battery charger in question, and the depth of discharge of the batteries. ( Or CSoC = Current State of Charge) Also take into consideration that new batteries are very energy hungry in the beginning ( Will soak up electricity like a sponge) as the lead is still not cured and the plates need to be energized…. To cure the lead in those batteries it will most likely take 15 to 25 charge cycles. Charge, use (discharge, Charge)… Nor could 6 amps ever ruin your new batteries… granted you keep the water or ( Electrolyte levels above the lead plates to keep them saturated ) Which should always be checked say at least monthly and do so after the batteries are completely charged to avoid over filling …. As the electrolyte levels will rise and fall based on the CSoC of the battery in question. ( Example – Running a trickle charger at 5 amps on a battery bank for a long time while on vacation will eventually dry the batteries out if not maintained and that will ruin the batteries not the volts or amps being applied) It is the nature of the battery chemistry, when your golf cart battery charger is charging or when you are using the golf cart driving and applying a load – Off gassing is taking place during the chemical reaction. Surely more so during charging times vs use but still happening. This is where a battery watering system comes in handy to make the job of general watering and maintenance of the golf cart battery bank easier and precise. Learn more here… Anyhow, It sounds like the charger has just completed the bulk phase of the charge cycle and is now tapering off the charge cycle to the finishing phase which yes can be hours…. ( So how many hours are we talk about this charger has run? ) I would recommend using the cart today as you would. Then after use put back on charger and just let it run its course… I would also recommend checking the water level before you put on charge to make sure the water level is say 1/4″ above the plates. and let it go…. It will most likely run for 8-10 hours if the batteries are discharged a bit…. maybe a bit longer…
      Basic math will help you determine the charge time expected.
      6 volt golf cart batteries are on average – 220 Ah rated , 8 volt golf cart batteries are 165-170 Ah rated, and 12 volt golf cart batteries are 140-155Ah rated ( All based on the 20hr rate) …. so regardless how many batteries you wire together in a series… whatever the operation voltage of the battery bank it will be the Ah rating of the individual battery…

      Example – A 36v golf cart with 6x 6 volt batteries rated at 225 Ah = a 36v battery bank with a capacity of 225 Ah @ 36 volts…. So to complete this train of thought if you drained the battery bank 50% and planned to recharge you will need to replace 50% of the 225 amps which would be 112.5 amps… Using a charger that puts out say 20 amps max…. it would take only 5.5 hours to recharge at max output… but the charge rate in not constant or operating at max load for the complete charge cycle…. not since the Lestronic chargers of the 60’s when they just had a timer you set and you turned on the charger to run for a desired amount of time …. All new style chargers are smarter…. even the Club Car Powerdrive with the OBC regulating the charger knows to back off the output as the charge cycle is getting closer to completion… the main difference with the OBC Lester made for Club Car and say a new Lester Summit Series II Golf Cart Battery Charger is the OBC was always looking for voltage numbers… once a desired voltage was reached it would back off the charger output or shut it off completely… The new Lester Chargers are much more advanced and have everything internal in the charger to give your batteries a perfect charge every time… granted the user sets the correct charge profile or (Algorithm) to do so… they also regulate themselves to maintain a healthy homeostasis in the battery bank they are attached to like turning themselves on every so many days or if the voltage in the bank ever drops below like 2.08 volts per cell….

      Hopefully this information was helpful…

      Power On…

      1. Hi Pete,
        I have a similar problem. After using the cart for the day we connect the charger, (standard CC charger) it starts charging at 10 – 12 amps. Makes it’s way down to 5 or 6 amps, then the needle on the charger begins to bounce – or + 2 amps either way and never goes to zero or shuts off. I have tried with two different chargers, same thing. The batteries are two years old, they all tested good with meter and load tester. Cleaned all battery connections and checked all cables. It did have a speed sensor issue, replaced it and that’s all good.
        Just concerned about the charging thing, don’t want to ruin $1,200.00 worth of batteries, or worse yet burn it and the homes around me down.
        I have been told to replace the OBC but I would hate to spend the cash and not fix the problem. Is there a voltage regulator that may be causing the problem somewhere in the mix?
        Great blog and love the information.
        Calgary, Alberta Canada

  3. My golf cart will not go forward or backward. I’ve tried resetting the OBC but still nothing. It charges good and everything, any answers will be appreciated.

    1. Alex – Thanks for your inquiry…. If your cart is not moving it can be only one of a few things… Golf carts are very simple vehicles… I am assuming if you say the cart is charging fine that you have good voltage in the system… Check with a volt meter to be sure at the positive and negative most terminals on the batteries. If suffice then can be only the following things, Ignition switch…. ( When in the one position and you move forward/reverse switch or level does the reverse buzzer sound? ( Yes/No? ) If yes it is good and system is intact…. and tells me forward/reverse switch is good…. Mcor – Throttle position switch that tells the motor controller what to do based on foot position on the go pedal… Motor Controller or Solenoid… All of which I have know to go out…. but usually if the cart has sat for some time and just all of a sudden is not operating … usually battery or wire related…. This is where a volt meter comes in handy to check voltage thru the system…. start at the batteries and work your way thru the system.

      Power On…

  4. My batteries are 1 year old. The OBC is 2 years old. I have had no problems with the run time until recently. Before I finish a round of golf, the warning light is coming on and the charge meter is down 4 bars out of 10. I have tried 2 chargers and it made no difference. I tried resetting the OBC and no change. I had the batteries tested by a golf cart repair shop. All tested good. When resetting the OBC, is that done with the charger connected of disconnected? Any suggestions on what to do now?

    1. Did you ever get this resolved?

  5. I have a 48V Club Car that just had a new OBC installed. It ran for two days. It also will not move unless… The only way it will move is if I throw the charger in the back (unplugged from the wall) and plug the other end into the cart. It will run all over the place. Unplug the charger and it wont budge. It has me stumped.

    1. Gabe – Sounds like they wired something backwards…. the circuit should be complete when the charger connector has been removed from the cart…. Not complete when it has been plugged in…. defeats the purpose of the inhibit circuit…

      Pete’s team…

  6. I have a Club Car Precident, charges fine. My problem is in forward or reverse it starts off fine, after a few seconds under almost full throttle to full throttle seems the power drops off . I then step on the accelerator pedal and the process repeats. One day it worked fine, the next day this problem began. Got any Ideas?


    1. Mark – Thanks for your inquiry…. Sounds like voltage drop or Mcor… Charge the batteries fully. Perform a load test on each battery applying the load for 15 seconds equal to the advertised Ah rating at 20hr rate on the batteries… If it is a 2004 -2008 it came with 4x 12v – they are usually 150Ah batteries… – they should maintain 11v during those 15 seconds under load – if it is newer than 2008 cart has 6x 8 volt batteries…. usually 165-170Ah rated ( those should maintain 7 volts during the 15 second load ) …. If batteries test good – I would then check the mcor…. ( Mcor – Is the throttle position sensor in a golf cart basically)

      Power On…

  7. I have a 2010 club car precedent and it made a loud click noise and had no current to move and battery charge light is out completely, Any idea of problem with this cart? I have checked voltage on batteries and have showing full 48volts.

    1. James – Was the click sound heard while driving? If so what was the result directly after? Did the cart just slow to a stop or did it still run and drive but with grinding or crackling noise? OR ??? Could be several possible scenarios here. Solenoid, Controller, Fuse or connections, or motor magnet ( Speed Sensor ) for example…


  8. I have a 2017 club car onward that sat in the shed all winter. The charger was plugged in, but the outlet tripped, and the charge got too low. Now everything is shutdown, and nothing works. I tried resetting the obc, and that didn’t work. Any more suggestions?

    1. Robert – No Worries….. You will just need to get some electricity back into the batteries…. Use a regular 12v charger to each battery for an hour or so just top get some juice to them… You need not disconnect the wires either just go positive – negative on each battery. That should do it… once all have been charged for a little while the cart should have enough juice to move or try to… and then you can plug in the ERIC charger that came with the cart. to take the batteries through a complete charge cycle…. FYI – your CC does not have an OBC ( All carts 2014 and Up do not…. ) The switch you re-set was probably just the run/tow switch…

      Power On…

  9. Love your comments Pete
    from Paul in Australia

  10. After coming off vacation (3 weeks) my Club seemed to be dead. I was checking things out when I opened a yellow fuse holder next to the charging port and the fuse lost its connection the cart started working. The fuse is not blown and the charger came on immediately. The cart works fine with fuse not connected. Any ideas

    1. Rick – That does sound strange…. The fuse is designed to be in the charge circuit to protect the system from a power surge. But if the fuse looks good and the cart only works when disconnected. Very strange – makes me think something else burned up and created a dead short? That charge circuit surely should not effect the operation of the cart. I would think find a local golf cart tech or pull out your DVM ” Digital Volt Meter” and start checking the circuit from one end to the other… start where you have good voltage until you loose it – there will be the problem…

      FYI – This is all an assumption that you have the run / tow switch in the run position….

      Power On…

  11. Strange happening….2012 ClubCar Precedent. Sometimes just won’t run. Key switch on but no movement F or R. Can switch from Run to Tow and back to Run and everything works. Happening more and more often. Just now we heard a big crash, went to the garage and the cart was plugged in, left on by accident, and had gone forward on its own and tore up our garage. Now it won’t do anything but we hear a slight hum underneath it.

    Any ideas?

    1. Reset the OBC and still nothing.

      1. Chris – After reading your previous post elsewhere in the blog. I suggest the golf cart speed controller is the issue. The OBC is basically just designed to control the charger and the charge circuit.

        Pete’s team

    2. Chris – Wow! Sounds like a bad day…. Can only be one of a few things… I bet my money on the speed controller shorted out… because even if was forward /reverse switch it would still need input from the Mcor ( throttle position sensor in a golf cart ) to tel the controller to move forward or backwards…. so the controller is on the fritz and doing funny things on its own.

      Power On…

  12. I have a 48 volt club car 2009 when I plug my charger into charging receptacle the charger kicks on then pops the fuse immediately on the charger what could be the problem?

    1. Internal short or external short. Numerous possibilities inside charger or in golf cart.

      Pete’s team

    2. I had the exact same issue with my charger, Ordered new rebuild kit for charger. replaced all but the transformer. charger works fine now.

  13. I have a 2019 club car tempo. In trying to replace the. USB . I let the wires touch and they sparked… looked for fuses and only found one. It was not blown. Finished installing usb. Now cart will not move… usb ,lights and all other functions are working but cart will not move. I reset ocb per your instructions. Still nothing.

    Please advise
    Thanks Eddie

    1. Did you ever flip the run tow switch?

      Pete’s team

    2. Hi Eddie,

      Any luck on this? I had a similar issue.


  14. 2007 Club Car Precedent. Just bought this for $100! Seller said bad batteries, maybe bad charger too, didn’t know…
    Brand new batteries. Shows 50V on meter.
    Plug in the charger, and charger clicks once, but doesn’t hum or show anything on the charger meter.


    1. Ed- Put a digital volt meter on battery bank before plugging in charger and check voltage there. Plug in charger and check voltage again… It will be obvious if the charger is actually charging as the voltage will jump up to like 52-54v and then some sometimes… If the charger clicks the relay is working and telling us the charger can see or sense the batteries… hence a good connection between the receptacle and the batteries… only then left is the golf cart battery charger. We sell numerous brands for less if you do determine finally it is the charger.

      Pete’s team

  15. Hi Pete, nice responses to the inquiries. Just ran into a problem with by 2006 Precedent. Drove about four miles came home and plugged in my power drive unit to the cart. Have a power meter that showed maybe 3/4 charge remaining. Heard a pop with a burnt smell and the charger did not cycle on. Checked all battery connections on the two year old batteries and everything is clean and tight. Thought it must be the charger and put my spare rectifier in. Same condition, charger clicks but no power. Cart still runs fine. Took the charger to my neighbor and plugged it into his cart, of course it worked fine. Returned to my garage and tried it again with same click but no power result. Am stumped at the moment and would appreciate your insights.

    1. Mark – Thanks for your inquiry. I would start by using or buying a digital volt meter and checking the voltage across the system. Check the voltage at the battery bank and see what you have 48v, 50v 51.6v ? Whatever that number may be you should have it at the charger port where you attach the charger to cart. If so then it is most likely the fuse to the OBC or the OBC itself. Usually once the go out I never replace I just upgrade the charger and bypass the OBC system. Which was only designed to regulate the charger circuit in the first place. Says Lester right on it… The new Summit II series golf cart chargers are a complete solution to any charger related issue on a golf cart when it comes to battery maintenance…

      Pete’s Team

  16. I have a 2003 club car that runs fine. When I hook the charger up it charges for about 5 minutes and then starts kicking on and off. Used another charger and does the same. Doesn’t fully charge.

    1. It’s a DS electric (48-volt)
      Batteries are 2 years old
      Thank you

    2. OBC could be shot…. But I would check the voltage of the battery bank as a whole and individually first…. We usually always just upgrade to a better smart charger at this time as the OBC it self costs as much as the new style chargers basically…. You can bypass the OBC on the cart and still use the 3 pin connector with a new style smart charger like the Lester Summit II 48 Volt Club Car Golf Cart Battery charger or you can use any handful of onboard smart chargers that you would just wire directly to the battery bank hence bypassing the OBC and the charge circuit.

      Pete’s team

  17. I have a brand new Lester charger I bought because I thought I had a bad charger. When I plug it in, it will do the click but never jumps up in voltage or starts charging. I’m lost on what to do

    1. Patrick – Could be numerous things… Does the cart run and drive now or are the batteries completely dead? Might be best to give us a jingle at 772-247-GOLF to talk with a tech or Pete himself if he is in the office.

      Pete’s team

  18. yes my cart says its a 2005 it charges fine it runs fine on flat ground but if I go up any type hill it slows down to were I can walk faster then it can going up and when I go down hill it feels like it as a brake on it and starts slowing down any ideal thank you

    1. John – These carts have regenerative braking via the motor…. Did the cart ever perform better on the hill in question? it is either because the batteries are not fully charged, or on their way out if you used to pull the hill alot faster. Or could need a motor controller upgrade if climbing that hill is a must.

      Pete’s team

  19. i had issues with charging my unit sometimes it would charge and sometimes not. i checked the charging receptacle and it had a broken lead i replaced it with a new one. plugged it in and charger came on for a couple of minutes and then stopped. since then it will not charge. each battery checked out at 8 volts and from the main positive to the black ground on the receptacle metered out at 39 volts. i by passed the obc by running a jumper from the main negative on battery #6 to the black ground on the receptacle and still nothing. what else can i look for

    1. JOHN – ONCE YOU BYPASS THE OBC … The charger ( Powerdrive Models, Lester Links Series 26610s – 26840s – DPI BTL Series ) One of which you are most likely using will not turn on – as it needed the OBC to tell it what to do….

      Pete’s team

  20. 2008 Club Car DS 48v , cart was operating fine and I was checking if connections were tight on motor. Accidentally contacted F2 to A2 with wrench but only a slight spark. Finished check then plugged in charger. Next day went to go golf but cart wouldn’t move, heard a click but no movement . Checked voltage and is 50v not sure where to start checking, any advice appreciated.

    1. Ray – Sorry to hear… I would check ANY inline fuses in system if any. Possible burned up a connection wire, solenoid or even controller… but if only surged for a second i would just find power at the motor if any and back track from there with a digital volt meter – also can check voltage at the solenoid with key on and in forward/reverse and hit go pedal…

      Pete’s team

  21. New batteries on my 2005 club car 2005 precedent it will not do anything or make any noises. Got it from golf course they said the batteries were dead only thing wrong with it any help would be appreciate any help.

    1. RAY – I would dig out your trusty volt meter and start checking the system. Confirm you have 48 volts or better at the positive most and negative most terminals and work your way back thru the system. Most likely if the story is true it is just a wire or connection that is bad.

  22. I have TWO 2008 48v club cars(6 seaters), they both worked perfect when parked about 5 months ago…, When I went to go move them, neither would drive so I assumed the batteries were dead…, Put them both on charge and they both charged fine (50+v) but still won’t move . Also there is no status light on either controller….., any thoughts? Thanks

    1. Jason – Have you confirmed the run/tow switch under the seat is in the run position.

  23. My Precedent 2007 Club Cart starts off in full speed the drops about 1/4 of its speed and stays that way until the next time I take it out on the road. Any comments?

    1. Willie – I would start with a simple load test on the batteries. If they all test good – next up will be the MCOR or controller….

  24. Hello Pete, I have a 2006 club car precedent and was just backing up then went to forward it took off and stopped about 5 feet forward. I have jacked up the rear push pedal solenoid clicks tires turn just a little bit and solenoid clicks again and stops any idea?

    1. Ryan – Most likely Mcor, or controller issue….


  25. My club car reman precedent model # wn1943-531469 work properly but when I plug the charger in it shuts off after the 2 times trying to charge then the orange arrow code starts blinking. Can I bypass the obc and use the same charger. Charger model ico650-048-cc. Thank you God Bless

    1. Hank – Thank you for your inquiry….. No you cannot bypass the OBC on a cart that uses a OBC charger and expect it to work after you remove the OBC from the charge circuit…. I would look into the new Lester Chargers…. much better mouse trap… 4 year warranty to boot….. Purchase your new Lester Golf Cart Battery Charger here

      Pete’s team

  26. I have a 2007 club car. It is a 48 volt system with 4-12 volt batteries. It can run well (smooth and fast) up hill and on level ground but most often it will run slow and have very little power going up hill. It will run in either condition for several days, then run in the opposite condition for several days before going back to the first condition. It goes back and forth with no apparent cause. I suspect the controller but have no evidence to prove it. Have you seen this before?
    By the way, all 4 batteries are brand new, load tested, fully charged and full of water. they are the only thing I can say definitively are good. It had the same problem with the old batteries which is what prompted me to change them. I have looked over all the connections, they are clean and tight, no corrosion. No burnt wires, connections, connectors, ect.
    We had this problem for over a year but to make matters worse a few months ago we tried to tow another golf carter who broke down. We got a few hundred feet before smelling the dreaded electrical smell so we stopped immediately and let it cool before proceeding. I may have done motor damage in that incident, but this issue pre dates that. Now I might have two problems but like I said, occasionally it will run fine, like new. then it goes back to “distress” mode. Please help!

    1. Ritchy – Thank you for your question….. I would have said first thing check the batteries and then connections… with all that confirmed… I would say the controller… as they do tend to act this way sometimes prior to going completely out…. depending on the weather or once they get hotter they act up…. as for the smell after towing the other cart for sure could have been motor causing the smell… You can replace the motor and the controller for about a 1000 bucks with quality aftermarket stuff or OEM parts for stock stuff OEM might be a little more pricey… we have kits for this and good performance upgrades as well… checkout performance parts here


      1. Thanks Pete, much appreciate the help

  27. Hi Pete,
    I just bought a 2005 CC Precedent 48v. When I first tried it, the cart was hit or miss when you stepped on the pedal. Sometimes the solenoid would click and sometimes it wouldn’t. I charged and topped off the batteries, then rinsed them off as I was told to do with my last cart (36v). Without the key even in, I started hearing a buzzing and what sounded like the reverse tone. The tone then became a beep at a steady rate. It now does nothing, and I have a battery cable off.
    Any thoughts (besides ‘why’d you spray it down’)?
    Thank you

  28. Hello Pete,
    Had 6 new Trogan (T-875) batteries installed into Club Car 98 DS, but charger (PowerDrive that I’ve had for 8 years and never any problems) doesn’t work.
    After batteries installation, cart worked, but charger doesn’t. Hear the Click, but needle doesn’t move.
    Installer didn’t put back same battery configuration, prob doesn’t matter as long as hooked up correctly, right?
    Installer said could be OBC.
    He’s coming back tomorrow to test with a new charger. So, if that doesn’t work, will know it’s the connection from system to charger.
    Suggestions on troubleshooting?
    Also, how to verify that Trogan batteries are new? Have serial number. Also, has only 1 year warranty for batteries, is that usual? Should I register with Trogan?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Pat – Thanks for the inquiry and questions…. Usually batteries come with a 12 month or 18 month free replacement warranty against manufacturers defect…. , as for the charger not working best bet is check system with another known working charger, or try your charger on another cart…. if works you will know it was wired incorrectly at installation of batteries…. I would assume if working fine before the install it was something done at install that broke the charge circuit.

      as for how to determine age of a battery ( golf cart batteries (Trojan, US Battery, Etc) there will be a letter and number stamped into the lead post lug… example A9 would mean the first production month of 2019…

      Power On…

  29. hi pete i have a 97 club card ds i have replaced the solenoid for/rev switch batteries are 2 yrs old i get nothing from the charger and it wont move an inch f/rev . it has me stumped it has 50.2 volts across it . so can a obc be the problem and can it be reset on a 97?

    1. Tim – Something is not getting voltage… I would back test with a volt meter from the batteries threw the system until you find voltage loss… if all seems as it should might be the controller…

      Pete’s team

  30. I have a 2012 club car Precedent. Batteries show good on volt meter. It runs good but starts jerking bad after about a mile and battery light comes on and off intermittently. Any ideas what is happening?

    1. Lance – Sounds like your batteries are going out…. Might need to be replaced…. How old are they? To confirm fully charge and perform a load test at advertised Ah rating…

      Pete’s team

  31. Good morning
    My 2003 club car has been stored inside for 7 months. I just got back to Florida and of course it’s dead. The little red battery indicator is on. I plug in my charger and nothing happens. No hum , just silence. I don’t know if it’s the cart or charger. The batteries were installed Feb 2016. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Valerie – Good day! All new style chargers require sensing voltage before they turn on and apply amperage…. Depends on charger… but some require only 5 volts or so… and others will require close to 75% of advertised voltage or battery or system… Sounds like you will need to jump each battery a little with like a 12 volt charger to get some energy back in them… say 15 min ea… , then try to see if the cart will move a little, if so then try charger again… should kick on…. If a seasonal resident you might want to look into the new Lester Summit II style battery chargers as they are smart enough to know when to turn on and off regardless of human interaction to unplug and plug in to reset…

      Pete’s team…

  32. I just got a 2007 precedent club car golf cart that has been sitting up for a while , I charged up batteries and they have voltage I checked with a volt meter. When I turn the key on and put in forward push petal and nothing happens, when in reverse the buzzer comes on but nothing happens. What can I do to figure out the problem? I tried looking for a fuse panel but cant find any, need help!

    1. Levi – No worries… Your volt meter is your friend…. make sure you have 48v + at the batteries… then go backward from there… check if you still have voltage at the solenoid…. if so , next to the controller, if so next to the motor…. if you lose voltage somewhere between these components then that is where the issue will be…. ( Also check the run/Tow switch is in the run position… )

      Pete’s team

  33. I have a 2008 Precedent (48v). Installed Allied Lithium replacements fresh out of the box. All four were at 13+ volts prior to installation and showed 75% remaining. After install, I took the cart for a quick 5 minute ride and all worked perfectly. I plugged the charger in, it went through the normal routine and began charging. I returned later that day, unplugged the charger which had completed charging. The state of charge meter that came with the batteries read 100% and 53+ volts. When I toggled the tow switch to run the factory dash battery charge meter flashed two bars in the center of the meter followed by one bar to the right indicating full charge. The two bar flash had never happened before. I put the cart in reverse and got no back up buzzer and no movement. Tried forward and same issue. Battery pack also shows 53+ volts on my handheld. Any idea on potential sources of the problem? Can the OBC disable cart movement?

    1. Ed – Thank you for your inquiry. yes the OBC can disable cart movement in specific scenarios. Though, weird if cart was running fine prior to charge after battery install. Do you always put the cart in tow mode when charging? No need you can always leave in run mode. Some people will cut the switch when they store a cart for months on end … Really solely designed to beable to disable power to motor in need of towing or pushing the cart due to battery failure or other issues. Though in cases like this your DVM ” Digital Volt Meter ” is your friend. I would do a quick test at a few locations to determine components are getting power. Start at battery bank and work your way thru the system. Solenoid, Controller, motor. If you lose power in any place between the culprit is the part between the voltage loss.

      Pete’s team

      1. Thanks Pete. I ended up installing an OBC bypass kit and everything works perfect again. Of course this means my stock charger will now need to be replaced with a smart charger. I figure it can’t hurt to buy the Allied charger since they warranty the batteries for 7 years.

  34. 2014 club car precedent bought with bad batteries installed brand new Trojan batteries buzzer sounds when in reverse but doesn’t move forward or back wards has me stumped sat for about a year any input would be appreciated

    1. Evan – Thanks for the question. After you tested the reverse / forward switch … hit the go pedal a few times to the floor and back to resting position. If voltage was zero or disconnected the controller is electronic and will need to reset it self. Then should move freely. If this does not help solve the issue. I would listen for the solenoid to click in forward or reverse when you hit the go pedal. No click – most likely it is the solenoid needing to be replaced.

      If not will need to trace the circuit from batteries back to motor with a DVM ( Digital Volt Meter ) to determine where the break in the circuit is …

      Power On…

  35. Pete,

    So I have a 1995 Club Car DS (Series not Regen) that I have put a Plum Quick Assassin Motor in (14.2 hp) and a 600 amp Alltrax controller, I have upgraded the Charger receptacle the solenoid(200amp)HD, a HD F/R switch….Do I need to upgrade the OBC or can I use the OEM? The wire is probably a 6AWG which is kind of wimpy as I also upgraded all my other cable runs to 2AWG…thanks for any help you can offer!

    1. Hey G … Cart sounds like it will move! Send over a pic or two love to see it. As for your question, The OBC wire is fine as the charge circuit is totally separate from the drivetrain and will not effect performance. The charger will still be charging the batteries at a set limit ( Amps ) as before. So no worries there.

      Keep it rubber side down.


  36. Pete,

    So I have a 1995 Club Car DS (Series not Regen) that I have put a Plum Quick Assassin Motor in (14.2 hp) and a 600 amp Alltrax controller, I have upgraded the Charger receptacle the solenoid(200amp)HD, a HD F/R switch….Do I need to upgrade the OBC or can I use the OEM? The wire is probably a 6AWG which is kind of wimpy as I also upgraded all my other cable runs to 2AWG…thanks for any help you can offer!

    1. Hey G … Cart sounds like it will move! Send over a pic or two love to see it. As for your question, The OBC wire is fine as the charge circuit is totally separate from the drivetrain and will not effect performance. The charger will still be charging the batteries at a set limit ( Amps ) as before. So no worries there.

      Keep it rubber side down.


  37. I have BRAND new batteries in an otherwise perfectly running 48v ’97 DS. I bought this cart with dead batteries, replaced them with new ones, and now the charger won’t kick on (cart ran great but I did not run it very far). I tried to charge the cart with 3 different chargers, all of which currently work on other carts. When I plug in the charger to the ’97 DS, nothing happens with the charger nor the cart. BUT- when I unplug the charger from the cart, I can immediately AND distinctly hear one click coming from the OBC. Then about 2 seconds later, another click from the OBC.

    and the OBC will click twice if I flip the Tow/Run switch

    Any thoughts??

  38. Hi Pete
    I have a 1999 48v club car. I charged the batteries and now I have no torque. It tries to to move forward and reverse. I jack it up and the wheels turn in both directions.

  39. Have 2003 club car pathway 48v new batteries charger kept kicking breaker on charger,new rectifier,relay,and breaker same thing,battery meter says full cart runs great for 5 minutes then dies but battery meter still says full plug in charger 5 minutes later pops charger breaker thoughts?

  40. just bought a 2009 club car precedent that had new batteries installed. Ran great for 2 days, then I went to plug it in to charge and nothing happens. I pressed the reset button on the charger and it hums for a few seconds and then clicks off. Any idea what the problem could be? I heard if the batteries are too low, the charger won’t recognize and will never work so I could need to manually charge? or is it possible the charger is just faulty or an issue with the OBC?

  41. I have a 2011 club car , set for two year with bad batteries. Bought alll new ones and hooked them up for got to turn the tow switch to tow and when I hooked the positive cord up it sparked!! Cart won’t do nothing . Tried to trace back , replaced the selenoid and still nothing . Seems to me forward and reverse switch and key switch is working but no back up buzzer only thing works is the lights. All fuses good didn’t blow any ? Any help greatly appricated. Can’t keep everything hooked up batteries etc. becuase can’t get to the components when all batteries are in cart ?

  42. Pete,

    I have a pre 2000.5 CC DS, ran great then just stopped working while driving. No solenoid sound when going between forward/reverse or turning the cart on. No buzzer when in reverse either. Battery is at 3/4 charge. Plugged the charger in and it clicks and shows that it is charging then immediately goes off. Of everything that I have read it’s the OBC but would that cause the whole cart to stop working? I’m at a loss.

    Thanks in advance!


  43. 2002 Club Car, runs great, new batteries, new solenoid, all new battery cables.
    Problem is that the lights, horn and radio do not work. Checked all wiring and fuses, can’t figure i5 out ?

  44. 2002 Club Car, runs great, new batteries, new solenoid, all new battery cables.
    Problem is that the lights, horn and radio do not work. Checked all wiring and fuses, can’t figure it out ?

  45. Hi, recently put new allied lithium batteries in a 2009 club car ds. I can move the cart slowly but once i floor the pedal it kills the cart and I have to reset the battery cables. Do you think this is a battery problem or something else in the cart? I replaced the solenoid but it didn’t help. Thanks for any information.

  46. Read all your mail here and it helped solve my charging problem. Resetting the OBC did the trick. Thanks for being here.

    Joe Somers

  47. I’m having a problem I guess with charging… when we first got the cart it charged fine and ran fine. The cart sat for about a week and I went to plug it in and nothing happened. It won’t charge and the charger won’t even come on…is this a charger issue or OBC problem. Any advise on things to check/try?
    Thanks, Eric

  48. Pete,

    I have a customer’s club car – 2007. new batteries and new charger as of last month. It runs fine on level ground but going up a hill, it has a power loss and barely makes it up the hill. Thoughts?

    1. Note: the charger is from Club Car directly.

  49. Note: the charger is from Club Car directly.

  50. I believe my OBC is bad on my 2010 Club Car Precedent I2 Excel, Do I even need to get a new OBC if I just decide to by pass it instead?

  51. I have a 2014 club car precedent. Batteries show 51volts charged. After playing 11 holes the battery light came on. I switched from run. To tow and light went off. Came back on on the 18th hole. Checked voltage when I got home were reading 49 volts. I decided to fit a battery metre which after 18 holes only looses 1 bar. What actually turns the battery light on.

    1. Same – 2014 Precedent with 6 x 8 volt Trojan batteries- I have same issue- batteries are all showing strong but my battery light comes on after one hour. Check battery load and it’s still showing 50+ volts. Need help \ ideas.

      1. Thank you for your inquiry. How exactly did you perform the load test? Very specific. technically you would need to put a load tester on each battery after fully charged and apply a load of at least 170Ah or whatever the advertised Ah rating is on the battery @ the 20hr rate. typical T-875 Trojan battery will be 170 Ah. That battery should maintain atleast 7 volts for 15 seconds when you apply the load. Anything less will help determine how far gone the batteries actually are …

        PGC Team Support

  52. I have a 1998 DS, went for a ride, came back & have nothing. It charges without an issue (over 50v across batteries & at solenoid) but nothing to the motor when I step on the pedal. I have tried resetting the obc with no luck & have verified the motor is fine with a bypass test. After the reset process, the initial step on the pedal will generate the click at the solenoid but only about 2″ of wheel revolution. Currently stumped. Any thoughts?

  53. i have a 1997 club car, new controller and batteries. I hook up my charger and i get nothing from the charger. Does the obc tell the charger to turn on or do I have a bad obc or charger?

  54. I have a refurbished 2013 Club Car Precedent that’s about 2-1/2 years old that came with new Trojan batteries. We typically driver our golf cart 10-15 miles, 4-5 times a week and I refill the water about every 3 weeks. I plug the charger in when we get back from our nightly rides and it is off when I go into the garage the next morning. I repeatedly find if I unplug the charger and plug it back in, it will run for another hour or two. Doesn’t appear to me that the OBC is correctly metering the power going in or out. If I don’t do the second charge, I will get surging going up a hill. Does this tell me the OBC is bad? I reset it with the instructions above, but can’t tell any noticeable difference. Thanks.

  55. Hi Pete, Have a 2014 Precedent, tried to do the OBC reset, when I get to turn key on, depress throttle pedal down for 5 minutes, the buzzer comes on and stays on. Not sure what is happening. Also when key switch is off tow/run switch in run, F/R switch in reverse, the buzzer sounds all the time, not sure if this is normal………….
    Thanks, Phil

  56. So I just purchased a 2015 Precedent from my grandfather and he told me everything is running fine. Well, he prolly has not played a full round of golf in a few years, and Im not too sure how good the batteries in the cart are. Today was my first time out with the cart and the battery light on the dash blinked the whole time, and when I charged it for the night, there was no beeping noise to acknowledge it charging and the indicator on the ERIC was a solid green as if the charging was complete. I know this is not normal, so what do you think the issue would be?

  57. Thanks for the reading, hope it all stays up there for the future use.

    All the best Richard

  58. Hi Pete I have a 2000 club cart ds 36 v after 1 mile let off the Pedal and it won’t move wait less than a minute and it well go again I replaced V glide and f & r switch & solenoid and new batteries

  59. 2014 Precedent / 48V 13.5A Charger Model: IC0650-048-CC / Batteries were new July 2018. This off season the charger was disconnected and batteries appear to be fully discharged. Now the system will not charge. Planning to check the acid levels in the batteries…and to attempt an OBC reset. Not sure if that will do any good since the system appears dead. Any other suggestions?

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