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How To Lower My Golf Cart Top To Reduce Overall Vehicle Height

Golf Cart Top Lowering System

Looking for a solution to get your customized lifted golf cart into that enclosed trailer of yours? Or does it not even fit in the garage? Pete has just the solution. Pete’s Golf Carts now offers the perfect kit to do just that. His Golf Cart Top Lowering Kits are great for the DIY enthusiast and an afternoon project to solve your problem. Made from quality materials right here in the good ole US of A.

Currently Pete offers two kits:

  1. Specifically designed for Older Ezgo Golf Carts utilizing a 3/4 Inch front roof strut and 1 Inch rear struts – See Details
  2. All other Golf Carts utilizing 1 Inch roof struts front and rear – See Details

This is a common topic among RV people that pull their golf cart with them on their travels or the race car guys traveling around the country from event to event. Numerous other options are available of course but short of buying a bigger taller trailer or building another golf cart to meet your height requirements this is by far the best solution to lower your golf cart top to fit in your trailer or garage.


Here are a few videos for the DIY-ers out there looking to save a few bucks and who don’t care so much about the finished look just need to be able to lower the golf cart top to make it fit somewhere. Checkout this YouTube video to learn more.

This video will also give you the basic idea of what is involved to install a golf cart lowering kit on your golf cart without going all around town shopping for the materials you need to do so. Pete’s kit is actually quite affordable and of great quality and finish. Once installed one can hardly notice – unless you are really aware of what you are looking for on the golf cart. No wiggle, no rattle. With his nylon shim kit included – just solid functionality with attention to detail.

Basic Video Overview:

  • Determine make and model of your golf cart
  • Determine your golf cart top strut dimensions
  • Prepare tools for the job – Drill and drill bits, reciprocating saw, basic wrenches, socket and ratchet set, tape measure, pencil or marker
  • Make measurements to locate golf cart top lowering brackets
  • Drill holes to attach brackets (best to do one by one)
  • Cut roof strut at angle to accommodate lowering process and movement ( Note – need to make sure angle is cut in right direction)
  • Repeat process on all four corners of golf cart
  • Be sure to include the nylon shims on inside of brackets for ease of movement when lowering and years of trouble free use

What’s included

If you do decide to go with Pete’s Golf Cart Top Lowering Kit they include easy to follow how-to directions and all required hardware (nuts, bolts, washers).

Easy to follow

Pete got a member of his office staff to try the kit – here’s what they said:

“We actually installed one the other day so I had a better idea of how all this was going to work. Seemed very straight forward and the job was complete in a little over an hour with my novice assistance. Coming from a computer guy and not a gear head like Pete I think I could do the job should the time arise. Though being I do not even own a golf cart it probably wont happen soon. I would love to have one especially some of the golf carts Pete has around the shop. Just awesome – heck they do not even look like a golf cart anymore. More like a little car or truck.”

Added extras

If you are looking for a affordable solution to add some music to your golf cart? Checkout Pete’s new golf cart top mounting Bluetooth stereo systems. Models specifically for the Club Car Onward and Precedent, Ezgo Rxv and the Yamaha Drive. Pete’s Golf Carts has all the cool accessories for your golf cart. So if you own a golf cart you need to visit Pete’s to see how he can help you customize your ride.

3 thoughts on “How To Lower My Golf Cart Top To Reduce Overall Vehicle Height

  1. Hi Pete’s Golf Carts, I’ve been trying to buy your roof lowering kit, and I see you are out of stock. When might you have more of them in stock? I don’t like the looks of the DIY one in this video. I prefer the looks of the one you all sell…

  2. When will you have the lowering roof brackets in for a 2018 ezgo txt?

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Hopefully early next year. 2021

      PGC Team Support

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