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What Does The Run Tow Switch On My Electric Golf Cart Actually Do?

What Does The Run Tow Switch On My Electric Golf Cart Actually Do

People ask me this question all the time. Or on other occasions I here someone say they flip the run tow switch off when they leave for the holidays or for vacation or until next season. I can only smile sometimes as I think this guy doesn’t even have a clue – but up until recently most people have had to learn about their golf cart by trial and error or by just experience with issues as a golf cart owner. No much out there in the way of actual useful information unless you are in the know. Accessorizing, Building or Repairing golf carts everyday of your life.

Anyhow, So lets get into why you need to turn your new style golf cart from run to tow mode when it is not able to move under its own power. Meaning you will need to push it, pull and or tow it home. Not because the motor blew up or you broke a drive shaft or the transmission or differential went out like in a car or truck. This actually happens more often then you might think being it is a battery operated thing. People go out and about sometimes not knowing if their golf cart battery charger charged the batteries last night. Or they are really using it one day getting around an event or car show and the batteries just finally die. Or the batteries are just so old they do not provide the motive power or range that they did when they where new. Whatever the scenario is – it happens… and quite frequently. My advise if you use your golf cart often and for regular transportation get a golf cart battery meter or battery state of charge indicator so you know how much juice you still have in your golf cart batteries. This will allow you to better determine range or run time. Not everyone uses a golf cart to play a round of golf anymore. Golf carts have become a very utilitarian type of device or vehicle in today’s society.


4 thoughts on “What Does The Run Tow Switch On My Electric Golf Cart Actually Do?

  1. You did not answer your own question. what the hell does it do?

  2. I put my cart on a flat bed trailer. When I’m done golfing I go from run mode to tow mode after it’s loaded up. I take it home and leave it on my trailer and charge my batteries is this wrong and do I need to put the FNR in neutral when doing this

  3. Do I have a run/tow switch on my 97 DS model, I can’t find one, I bought the unit used about 10 years ago, serial# A9729587135 unit runs ok but will not charge, what kind of voltage should I see on sense wire (gray wire) to charge receptacle. I have a power drive 3 charger only been used about 1/2 dozen times. I tried to reset computer with no luck which I am thinking is bad ? thanks for your input.

  4. I think the “why” has to do with preventing the motor from putting generated electricity with a high current into the circuit.

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