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Golf Cart Service Manuals – All Makes and Models

Golf Cart Service Manuals – All Makes and Models

If you own a golf cart or just inherited one you might just need something to steer you in the right direction to replace part or repair something. Pete has built a pretty extensive library of information for golf cart related stuff. Whether it is for a late model Club Car, Ezgo or Yamaha golf cart. Or a vintage cart like a Harley Davidson golf cart, or the Columbia Par Car Golf Cart he has you covered. Even the older odd ball stuff that has developed a following in recent years like the older Yamaha golf carts G1-G16 models…. Which are quite cool if you wanted to build a street racer. With the all steel tubular chassis and factory independent front suspension make for good bones to build a real screamer… Gas or Electric.

Anyhow, you will find herein all sorts of detailed information like golf cart parts diagrams, golf cart mechanical illustrations and explosion views to see what you need to see clearly and easily. Golf cart repair or service instructions. Step by Step… Detailed information pertaining to specific makes and models of golf carts new and old. All at your finger tips…

This section will only continue to grow and be updated with the latest makes and models once publicly available.

Aluma Car Service Manuals


Club Car Service Manuals


Columbia Par Car Service Manuals


Ezgo Service Manuals


Fairplay Service Manuals


GEM Car Service Manuals


Harley Davidson Service Manuals


Polaris-GEM Service Manuals


Star Ev Service Manuals


Taylor-Dunn Service Manuals


Tomberlin Service Manuals


Western Service Manuals


Yamaha Service Manuals



20 thoughts on “Golf Cart Service Manuals – All Makes and Models

  1. Have a ezgo txt 2015. Would like to have service manual. Cannot figure out how to order on your website. 48 volt. Another issue, sometimes when I plug in charger it will flash red then green. It never did this until I charged batteries and then used new hand pump hydrolink, to fill batteries. Would you have any idea why?

    1. Norm – The service manual section is free to use and view as needed. As for your question about the charger… surely that is just a coincidence… But If you are planning on keeping the golf cart… at some point I would recommend upgrading to one of the Lester Summit Series II Chargers as they offer all sorts of features and benefits over the OE Ezgo Powerwise chargers…. the factory ones seem to only last so long. Quite basic unit… whereas the Lester will even charge the batteries should you leave on an extended vacation for 6 months… checkout the 48 volt battery chargers here…

      Pete’s Team

  2. Looking for a manual for a 1993 Western town & country golf cart. Trying to see if I can fix play in steering wheel.

    1. Bill – Sorry but do not have anything in the library for this cart. Mostly all we currently have is manuals for Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha… Some other stuff but few and far between…

      Pete’s team

  3. how do I download a western service manual…I see the name but nothing to click on

    1. Diane – We apologize but if you click on the name or title and nothing happens we do not have one in the file currently… This section is something we started to pull in all of Pete’s stuff from his resource library of shop manuals and such.

      Pete’s team

  4. I have recently purchased an electric Harley Davidson golf cart. I dont know anything about golf carts. i need to get the wiring diagram for it. dont even know how many volts it is

    1. Jack – Thank you for your inquiry…. Cool cart and project… Unfortunately we do not have anything tat I can see in system … might need to let your fingers do somemore walking online… in search…

      Pete’s team

  5. Pete… I clicked on the Yamaha manual but nothing seems to happen… is there a different way into the mannual? I just want to review removal of muffler on a 2018 idrive to see how hard it would be to add a tail pipe extension to reduce exhaust gas fumes…

  6. I have a 1998 club car golf cart. Would like to purchase the owners Manuel, service Manuel & repair Manuel for this cart. Do not like to use crrfit card online. Can I send a check to purchase these manuels

  7. What is selling price of Garia make Golf cart/ LSV

  8. looking for a 1971 cushman golfster gc300 manual

  9. Hi I am looking for a manual for a 1975 cushman fairway golf cart. Having trouble knowing where the wires go for the battery hook up.

  10. I won’t a paper service manuel for Timberline golf cart

  11. Hello,

    Our car club just received a 2002 Western 4 seat golf car that looks like a PT Cruiser. It is a 48 volt unit with lights, wiper, radio and heater. We want to restore it for a club project but need a manual to see how everything works. Do you have such a manual or know where to locate one.

    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for reaching out! We do not have the manual for this cart! We mostly have the Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha manuals. Maybe try a simple google search or call the manufacturer for the best help on this.

      Thank you,

  12. I’m trying to re do the electrical system on a western 2002 elegante
    I’m looking for the service manual
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry but we do not have any service manuals for that golf cart. try a basic google search.

      PGC Team Support

  13. need a pedal box for a 2005 fairplay golf cart

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry we do not currently have any in stock. Fairplay golf carts are usually special order items. We pretty much just stock lots of parts for Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha golf carts….

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