48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage Pre-Charge Resistor and Diode

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This 48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage Pre-Charge Resistor Club Car Ezgo Yamaha is designed to maintain the capacitors within the controller at the battery pack voltage so that when the solenoid contacts touch no arcing occurs. If you are installing a high performance motor you will need a high amp solenoid to get the power to that motor. Then you will a pre-charge resistor. Pete says be strong and Power ON!


48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage Pre-Charge Resistor and Diode

This listing is for one 48 Volt Golf Cart High Amperage Pre-Charge Resistor and Diode. If you are in the quest for more power whether it be for more speed or torque once you upgrade your golf cart motor you will need to get more power to it from your battery bank. Hence a high amp solenoid. This powerful solenoid will require diode and resistor to keep the solenoid in good working order. This type of resistor is placed across the large power terminals of your solenoid. This resistor pre-charges the filter capacitors in your electronic speed controller which will minimizes the voltage surge across the contacts on your high amp solenoid to reduce arcing off the contacts as they close. (Without one you can expect a short solenoid life due to pitting and wear from arching as the contacts touch and power surges through the circuit.)

Closing the contactor without a pre-charge resistor causes arcing on the contact surface and they can become pitted.  Plain copper contacts experience the worst pitting and wear because thet cannot tolerate peak inrush currents.  Excessive pitting over time causes the contacts to weld together or not make a good contact.

Additional Notes: You cannot put it on the wrong way either side ring terminal to either terminal. The pre-charge circuit will draw little or no power. Resistor value is determined by battery pack voltage. Diode attaches to small terminals Silver stripe on diode will go towards positive side.

Applications: ALL 48 Volt Golf Carts. Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha PLEASE NOTE:
Pete Says… “Building a Car, Boat, Motorcycle or even a Golf Cart – I want to make it better than new, Performance on all systems involved! So if I am going to do it – I am gonna do it right!” 
Should you have any questions or not sure this Golf Cart High Amp Solenoid will work with your application. Please feel free to contact us at 888-531-7383 should you have any questions or if you are having technical problems placing your order. Pete’s Team is always standing by to help you! 


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