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How Do I Know If My Ezgo Delta Q QuiQ Golf Cart Battery Charger Is Working

Is My Ezgo Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger Working Properly

Delta Q makes all sorts of battery chargers not just golf cart battery chargers.  These battery chargers are some of the best in the world and can be used the world over due to specific design features.  Whether you need a 24 volt battery charger, a 36 Volt Battery Charger,  48 Volt battery charger, 72 Volt Battery Charger or even 96 volt battery charger, Delta Q Technologies has you covered.

All of these golf cart battery chargers are designed for on or off board use.  They make chargers for many OEM applications. Ezgo / Textron is just one of many. Though we get this call often and want to address the basics herein this article. You will find below the standard operation sequence for your Ezgo Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger.

QuiQ Charger – E-Z-GO Product Manual

This How To article contains important safety and operating instructions for these specific versions of the Delta-Q QuiQ or QuiQ dci charger / DC-DC converter installed on E-Z-GO brand vehicles (Model nos. 913-4810-01 / -02 / -E3 / -EZ. Please read this information before using your QuiQ Charger. For manufacturer contact information and technical support resources, please visit

Maintenance Instructions

1. Do not expose charger to high pressure water spray when cleaning vehicle.

2. The enclosure of the charger meets IP66, making it dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets. The AC connection is rated to IP20, which is not protected against water. Protect the AC connection if used in wet or dusty environments.

3. If the detachable input power supply cord set is damaged, replace with a cord that is appropriate for your region: This charger is provided with a cord set for connection to outlets operating at nominal 120 Volts (or 240 Volts as appropriate). If the input plug does not fit the power outlet, contact Delta-Q Technologies for the proper cord set terminating in an attachment plug of the proper configuration for the power outlet. ‘North America: UL or CSA listed / approved detachable cord, 3 conductor, 16AWG minimum and rated SJT; terminated in a grounding type IEC 60320 C14 plug rated 250V, 13A minimum

Special Note – For all other regions: Safety approved detachable cord, 3 conductor, 1.5mm² minimum, rated appropriately for industrial use. The cord set must be terminated on one end with a grounding type input connector appropriate for use in the country of destination and, on the other end, an output grounding type IEC 60320 C14 plug.

Operating Instructions

CAUTION: Charger enclosure may be hot during charging. Use hand protection if handling the charger while charging. Extension cords must be 3-wire cord no longer than 30m(100’) at 10AWG or 7.5m(25’) at 16AWG per UL guidelines. Only connect ONE QuiQ charger to a single 15A circuit or the circuit may become overloaded.

Charger 10-LED Display

Ezgo Delta Q QuiQ Battery Charger 10-LED Display

Troubleshooting Instructions

If a fault occurs, count the number of red flashes between pauses and refer to the table below.

Note: This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference, in which case the
user may be required to take adequate measures.

Use this Delta Q Quiq charger only with an algorithm selected that is appropriate to the specific battery type. Other usage may cause personal injury and damage. Lead acid batteries may generate explosive hydrogen gas during normal operation. Keep sparks, flames, and smoking materials away from batteries. Provide adequate ventilation during charging. Never charge a frozen battery. Study all battery manufacturers’ specific precautions (e.g. maximum charge rates and if cell caps should be removed while charging).

Golf Cart Charger Delta Q QuiQ 48 volt 18 amp Club Car EZGO Yamaha

Golf cart Battery Charger AC Power Cord (AC-Cord) For Delta-Q QuiQ

All these golf cart battery chargers we talk about herein can be programmed to your specific batteries. You will need to purchase the Programmer kit or find your local supplier to program them for you. Online resources from Delta Q are available for those DIY guys. The 36 volt battery Charger works wonderfully under the seat compartment on my late model Club car golf cart. Totally hidden but able to take where ever and when I need to charge up i just plug her in and forget about it. The 48 volt battery charger is the same size and dimensions as the 36 volt battery charger so for you guys out there with a 48 volt golf cart no worries. She should fit like a glove. Either one of these golf cart battery chargers will work on the respective carts. Club Car golf carts, Yamaha Golf carts, EZgo golf carts, whatever you may have because these chargers are designed for on board use. They come with ring-eyelet connectors you will attach to the battery terminals. In some cases an adapter is required to secure the eyelets to the battery terminal or sometimes you can just drill out the holes i the eyelets a little more….

Golf Cart Battery Charger Delta-Q QuiQ 48 volt On-Board System - Terminal Connectors


If you need a club car battery charger this is it. If you need a Ezgo golf cart battery charger or even a new Yamaha golf cart charger. Look no further – Delta Q has been doing this a long long time. They even have a complete line of industrial battery chargers for fork lifts, pallet jacks, scissor lifts and many many more battery charger options.

20 thoughts on “How Do I Know If My Ezgo Delta Q QuiQ Golf Cart Battery Charger Is Working

  1. If the green light on golf cart is flashing does that mean it’s charging

    1. Yep….

  2. If the fault indicator is flashing twice between pause is the unit still charging the batteries?

    1. David – Thanks for the question. Sorry it does not sound like it is. best way to determine is check the battery bank with a DVM – “Digital Volt Meter”, with charger not hooked up, then hook up charger and see if the voltage is different. If higher then you know it is charging if not will most likely need to be replaced.

      Or if the batteries are so dead – no voltage at all – that is what the charger is telling you and will not kick on unless it can sense voltage. It is a safety feature designed to avoid electrocution. All new style chargers will require sensing voltage before they will apply amperage.


  3. I have the QuiQ charger on my golf cart. After fully charging the batteries, will the charger ac t as a trickle charger and if so, for how long?

    1. Tom – Thanks for the inquiry. No sir the charger will just go into a float state.

      Pete’s team

  4. My quiq 912-48xx is acting strange. When I plug it in to my 48v E Z golf cart it only registers 6 amber solid ammeter and AC On amber solid. It NEVER CHANGES. I CHECKED EACH 6 BATTERIES and they each register 8+. Can you advise?

    1. Tony – Thanks for the question. It sounds like it is doing its thing. Has good AC power and is making a connection if displaying 6 bars… Which means it is working ( wide open – max output ), how long did you leave plugged in? If new batteries they will suck up electricity for a long time , as the lead needs to be cured and the plates energized. A process that does not happen at the manufacturer. Typically it will run for 10-12hrs even new batteries. Though the charger should eventually fall off the 6 bars, and work its way down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, green light full charge. They will be bubbling away and off gas more so when new then after cured… average takes 20-25 charge cycles to really cure the lead. I always recommend charging a new lead acid battery 100% prior to putting into service.

      If not new batteries and are actually quite old might be issue as well. These chargers look for voltage achieved before they shut off. So if the battery bank as a whole is never reaching thr voltage it is programmed to look for it will keep charging until they timeout and throw a fault code light. ( 12hrs). – OR – If the charger has just developed this issue, might need to be replaced as sounds like an internal fault.

      Power On…

  5. Hey Pete,
    I’m perplexed over my 2018 Delta Q Ezgo 36V Charger, Model # 913-3600-E1; Which is fairly easy for me. Hadn’t used either the golf cart or charger in about a year. Got new batteries and got the cart running good. Got time to put her on charge and the indicator lights up amber on level 5 of ammeter, amber light on charge, green light on charge, amber on AC, and red on fault. Nothing blinking. I have tried everything, It doesn’t change no matter if i unplug or charge all night. It is hung up and it doesn’t even get warm.
    I hope you may help. It cost a lot brand new and has been kept inside and in immaculate shape. Thanks

  6. I have a 48v EZ Go golf cart. Batteries are 2.5 years old. We were away from the golf cart for a few months and we mistakenly forgot to plug in the charger. So the batteries were dead. I used a conventional charger to put enough in the batteries so the QuiQ charger would sense some voltage and complete the charge.

    After being plugged in overnight, the charger timed out. I checked the batteries and they were all slightly over 8v. I reset the charger and plugged it back in. Now the charger is still in 6 bars bulk charging. The light for 80% charge is on. Is the charger operating correctly. I thought at 80% it would go to next phase and not bulk charge. Is it over charging?

  7. Hello I just purchased a 2010 Polaris golf cart with the Qui Q charger. My question is the same as Tony Metro. The charger shows solid light on 6 ammeter and AC on. How long should I leave it on charge before the green light comes on for complete charge? The batteries are 1 1/2 years old. so pretty new. do I have to wait for it to cycle through all the bars? I’m not familiar with these chargers so I just want to be sure I understand how to read the light indicators. I have downloaded the manuel. thanks,

  8. Good afternoon, My 913 48 V charger has stopped charging the EZGO cart. I originally thought it was due to low battery voltage because when I parked the cart the red light flashed twice and paused which is the indicator for low voltage. So I charged the 8 V batteries up and there is now 49.4 V across the bank. The charger is still flashing two red and pause then two red. The charger does the exact same thing if the output cable is attached to the cart or not. Is there a fuse in the charge circuit on the golf cart or is there something else wrong? Is there a way to check the charger out put via the three prong connector?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. I have the 913-4810-E3B charger. It has started showing two red lights flashing on the bottom. I replaced the batteries and they are up to 50 volts when installed. The charger used to go through a sequence of lights then settle in one place and charge but this is not happening. Any suggestions?

  10. I have the 48V QuiQ charger, it appears you can’t leave it on all the time, when charging is finished we unplug the batteries but leave charger on, then it goes into fault mode and you have to reset it when you come back later to recharge the batteries

  11. Can you leave the QuiQ charger on without the batteries being connected

  12. How do I know when my golf cart is fully charged

  13. Model: 913-4810-E3B
    Hi, my display is showing a solid red fault (no blinking). I am unable to find any help related to my issues both by googling and by reading through the web. The charger is not charging and the 4 lights on the display screen stay fully illuminated (Bulk Charge Indicator = Orange, Charge Completion Indicator = Green, AC Indicator = Orange, Fault Indicator = Red . Please confirm receipt of this message if possible and advise if you are able to help me trouble shoot my issue. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for reaching out! I am sorry that you are having charger issues! Can you please confrim the model number that you have?

  14. If my charger is blinking red while plug in the wall, but not plug into the cart normal?

    1. Thank you for reaching out! I need to know the type of charger that you have to answer this.

      Pete’s team

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