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Ezgo Powerwise Charger – Repair or Replacement?


We get customers all the time that ask us the tough question. Should I repair my Ezgo Powerwise Charger or just replace it? This is something that Pete usually says… “If it is an electrical component and you are not an electrician or seasoned tinkerer just replace it.”

When it makes sense to replace

When it comes to spending time and money on something that you find yourself just standing there afterwards with your fingers crossed hoping it will work – it is best to just replace the charger. Now this comes with a few other caveats because when customers call over the phone and try to explain the problem it has numerous possible causes being the charger needs to rely on the golf carts charging system to be operational as well in order to turn on. Several factors on the golf cart itself can cause the charger not to work or kick on.

Fixing the Ezgo Powerwise Charger

So if you want to take a stab at fixing or at least diagnosing the problem read on….

Dead carts

The biggest one is a completely dead cart. If the batteries in your golf cart are so dead the cart will not run and drive as intended you will need to charge each battery individually with like an automotive charger with clamps to revive before your Ezgo Powerwise charger will kick on if it is operational.

Circuit problems

Now you can also have a bad connection, a blown fuse or a wire in the charge circuit that is not completing the circuit. The easiest way to determine these few things is to get a voltage meter and check a few basic connections and the overall voltage of the golf carts battery bank. When you have six new 6 volt batteries combined in a circuit you will have approx. 38-39 volts. If the cart is not running and driving the voltage is most likely well below 30 volts and possibly why the charger will not turn on. With your handy volt meter you can check this and tick off the box. Yes or No?

Charge circuit

Next step would be to determine if the charge circuit is still complete? Take the positive and negative pins from the volt meter and insert in the cart side powerwise charge receptacle. You should have the exact same voltage you have at the positive and negative most terminals on the battery bank. Example – If the cart has 37.8 volts at the batteries, then you should have 37.7 – 37.8 volts at the charger receptacle. Yes or No?  If yes then the charge circuit is complete and the problem could very well be your Ezgo PowerWise Charger. Now if you don’t get the same voltage you will need to back track the circuit from the charger receptacle to the batteries. Double check all the wires going back to the batteries… work your way backwards with the volt meter until you can narrow down the fault. Golf carts are fairly easy to work on so it should be obvious enough once you can narrow it down a bit and start looking around and chasing wires. It could be as simple as an in-line fuse.

Further checks

Now if all checks out:

  • Running and driving golf cart
  • Advertised operating voltage. (In this case 36v or greater)
  • 36 volts +  at the battery terminals
  • 36 volts + at the charger receptacle

Time to check the charger further.

Find a neighbor

If possible see if someone has another 36 volt Ezgo golf cart  in your neighborhood with the same TxT 2 pin connector. Plug in to see if your Ezgo Powerwise charger works on their golf cart. If not then you can just get out the tools and start taking it apart or plan to replace it.

Corrosion and wear

Usually with these older style transformer based golf cart battery chargers we find they are corroded due to extended periods of time left out in the elements. Some other issues occur when a lighting strike takes place and it can cause a Power Surge that will burn something up quite fast. Usually a fuse will pop first if you have a fusable link in the charger circuit but most chargers do not as is the case with your Ezgo powerwise charger.

Protecting your charger

Pete recommends using a power strip with a breaker built in to plug your charger into to avoid this common issue in South Florida. The power surge will just pop the breaker on the power strip but save you about $500 – $1000 dollars depending on what kind of cart you own.

Circuit Control Board

So next in line is the most common internal part to fail over time is the Ezgo Powerwise Charger Circuit Control Board OEM Part#28667G01 If all other possible issues have been checked and are ok this is usually the problem. It is a fairly simple thing to replace with basic tools like pliers and screw drivers. Should you purchase one and want to learn how to install one here is a how to article that covers the installation


Though there are a few other internal components that can cause malfunction or charger not to work. Things like the transformer itself – or relays. Sometimes it is a relay which is easily checked but transformers rarely go out unless the charger got really wet and just shorted out or got corroded over time. Repairing anything is a process your golf cart battery charger is no different.

When to buy a new one?

Usually this is where I ask myself should I bother to try to fix it or just buy a new one? If I use it often and need reliability I would just buy a new Ezgo Powerwise Charger so I don’t  get stuck or worry about if my charger is charging my batteries over night so I can play a round in the morning or not. Or burning up my batteries because it just doesn’t ever seem to shut off. I got plenty of other things in life to worry about. If I can just buy new from guys like Pete I will.

Pete not only has great everyday low prices he also has a great Free Shipping Policy – All Orders Over $99 Ship Free! Pete only offers global brands you already know and trust. He just does it For LESS!  He actually stocks ALL the major manufacturers of golf cart battery chargers like DPI, Delta Q, Lester Electrical, Pro Charging Systems, and Quick Charge. So if you are looking to just replace your Ezgo golf cart battery charger follow this thread or continue reading about your golf cart charger and learn about other things you should know

The Replacement?

5 thoughts on “Ezgo Powerwise Charger – Repair or Replacement?

  1. I have an Easygo Lester charger 19300 “Powerwise II” with a txt DC plug. It is 1995 vintage. It never charges more than 9 amps no matter how low the batteries are, which were new may 2018. And the batteries do not fully charge on one charge cycle. The board must be good because the charger starts after about 5 seconds and shuts itself off sometime overnight. I removed the cover and tested the rectifier diodes and found .567 voltage drop forward biased, and OL when the meter leads are reversed. I tested the capacitor and read 1.73 uF and no shorts to the metal case. The charger manual say this cap should be 3.0 uF @660 volts. All connections on the batteries, leads and inside the charger are tight.
    Any thoughts? I would welcome any advice.
    Thank you for your time, Wm. Gutrich, Chicago

    1. William – Thank you for your questions…. Scratching my head here… sounds like all is in line…. but makes me wonder what is the AC voltage getting to the charger? Is it plugged in directly to a wall socket or using an extension cord? I have know golf cart battery chargers to only produce 50-70% capacity based on what kind of power they receive to convert to DC…. Also a though is the transformer… usually a pretty simple and solid component but maybe is is not converting power as efficiently as possible any longer… Which really they have never been very efficient at converting AC power to DC power…. and the main reason Lester has since stopped making these transformer based chargers and started to make the new smart chargers like the Lester Summit II Series chargers…. Which are simply awesome and have all sorts of new cool features and benefits…. check those out here…. actually ALL Lester Chargers are even on sale this month – plus FREE Shipping! Should you decide to replace that vintage one. I would recommend it and say it will pay for itself over time with energy savings and increase the life of your batteries as it can be programmed specifically for your golf cart batteries to ensure a perfect charge every time… and it will baby sit them when you go away on vacation or summer elsewhere… Follow Me To Buy Your New Golf Cart Battery Charger Today and Save BIG!!! Or You Can Follow Me To View All The Battery Chargers We Currently Offer Numerous Brands and Applications

      Hope this was Helpful…

      Power On…

  2. We have a powerwise Qe charger model 195-4810 it blinks 2 red blinks but the batteries are new trogens (4 of the 12 volt batteries. what do we check next?

  3. Purchased new diodes for my ezgo power wise charger. Was told old board with them mounted on is not made anymore so just got the two diodes that bolt in. My question is do I remove the old small board with diodes on and drill a hole in the large plate in same location to mount the bolted on ones?

    1. Keith – Thanks for the inquiry… But we do not service or repair old golf cart battery chargers, only sell new ones… So know one here would have a clue what to do… I would try a youtube search for your charger.

      Pete’s team

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